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Nashville’s Top Restaurants for Vegetarian Dining

You wouldn’t think that a city that is right in the heart of the mid-south would be all that vegetarian-friendly, but Nashville is very progressive, food-wise with a number of strictly vegetarian and vegan restaurants and many (most!) restaurants being … Continue reading

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The Former Memphian’s Guide to Memphis

I love Memphis. I’ve been in Nashville for nearly nine years, but Memphis will always be my home and I love it dearly. In those nine years, a lot has changed. It’s gotten a lot more veg*n-friendly. There are even … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Brunch: Husk Nashville

I wasn’t going to go. I’m so anti-hype that I usually avoid hyped things. I’ve still never seen “Titanic,” for example. But Father’s Day was coming up and Husk Nashville—newly opened and getting mostly excellent feedback—just added brunch service. Even … Continue reading

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