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In the Pantry: Sesame Oil

I don’t consider myself a good cook, but I have spent some time around good cooks while they’re doing their thing, so I’ve picked up some really great tips over the years. One of the best things I’ve learned is … Continue reading

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Dream Kitchen (part one)

The entire time I’ve had this blog (seven years this month!), I’ve been cooking in a tiny galley kitchen that’s had about 10-12 square feet of usable workspace and seven meager cabinets to store all my stuff and my pantry … Continue reading

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Zesty Roasted Tomato Ranch Dip

Every year, in the aftermath of my defeat in the Tomato Art Festival recipe contest, I vow I will never enter again. And every year, I enter again. This year, though, I couldn’t resist. The theme was “dips” (not salsa!), … Continue reading

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