Product Review: USA Pan Bakeware

Yikes! Five months since my last update! I've actually been cooking up a bunch of new recipes, but don't have hundreds of beautiful photos to share, so the print-outs with stains and mark-ups simply languish in my junk drawer.

I had intended to write this product review in time for Christmas wish lists. But you can go ahead and mark them for now because let me tell you: you will love this USA Pan non-stick bakeware.

I learned about USA Pan at the Music City Food + Wine Festival. As I was relaxing and letting copious amounts of food settle, I struck up a conversation with a couple of their representatives. They had several pieces of the bakeware on hand and were nice enough to give me a muffin pan and a loaf pan to try out. I have to admit I was dubious; I'm not a fan of most non-stick bakeware, not least because it never seems to work.

USA Pan non-stick bakeware is different, though. First, it's heavy (and heavy-duty), which I like. But most importantly, the non-stick comes from a proprietary coatingĀ of non-toxic silicone that

actually works! Without greasing at all! There are all sorts of other reasons why these products are great, but that's the top two right there: non-toxic and really, truly non-stick. And let me tell you, I tried to make stuff stick. Corn muffins, blueberry muffins, and my banana nut bread. All popped out with no effort and no mess. Take a look:

Look at that smooth bread. I pulled it out just like that. You can still see the steam on the loaf pan. And the imprints on the bread!
Here's a cornbread muffin that also popped right out. Not even a crumb left behind.

And finally, the blueberry muffin--the ultimate test! The residue wiped right off with a damp sponge.

Even messy blueberry muffins were an easy clean-up because the residue outside the muffins just wiped right off with a damp sponge. No scrubbing and no damage to the non-stick coating.

I can't say enough good things about this bakeware. Not only is it absolutely technically fantastic, it's not expensive! Most pans cost between $10 and $30, so I'll be adding several more pieces. I hope they will soon add Bundt and tube pans to their product line. Visit their online store to see the entire product line.