Dream Kitchen (part one)

The entire time I've had this blog (seven years this month!), I've been cooking in a tiny galley kitchen that's had about 10-12 square feet of usable workspace and seven meager cabinets to store all my stuff and my pantry items. It's enough, really (I use my laundry room and a couple of other furniture pieces for additional space), but I've wanted more ever since the addition of a second and then a third person in the house.

A new kitchen wasn't the top reason why we've wanted a new house, but it's a nice bonus and I've very much looked forward to having a space that I can make my own. One that I can design in a way that works for me and allows my daughter to join me in the kitchen, too. I've decided to document our journey in remodeling here and I hope that you all enjoy it (all posts will be tagged "kitchen"). I also hope that I don't have a nervous breakdown. Because gutting and renovating a kitchen is difficult (so many decisions!) and expensive.

So, here it is, the new kitchen as it is now (as in, before we remove all the cabinets and re-paint):


lesleyeatskitchenbefore3Isn't it amazing? This house is absolutely nothing like what we wanted when we started the process, but after seeing some 30? 40? 1000? ranch houses, all from the late 60s or earlier, we were just about ready to get a 90s-era zero-lot-line house and call it a day. But then this happened. A 70s-era 2-story box with some contemporary and colonial elements to it. But this giant kitchen and breakfast area, a huge master suite, and a beautiful lot just captured our hearts. It had that wow factor that I think is just essential when buying a new home, particularly one that will need a lot of work. Because you really have to love something if you're going to put all the money you have into it.

More than just the kitchen needs work, but it's the first thing we'll do (and the other work is generally cosmetic). Our plan is ambitious. First, as soon as the current owners move out (buying a home is a bit like a game of chess when people still live in all the homes in the chain), Mr. Eats and I and our contractor will tackle removing the old cabinetry, backsplash, and floor. This home is unusual for the area in that it's on concrete, so our flooring options are limited (also limited because half the ground floor is parquet that we plan to keep). We are still trying to decided if we want to stain the concrete or install tile.

Then we get the new appliances (stainless; I still like it), cabinets, countertops (my plan is for quartz composite, but the color is still undecided), and hardware. We will start removing the old kitchen about 4-6 weeks from now and all I've determined so far is what cabinets I want. I've got a lot of work to do.

12 thoughts on “Dream Kitchen (part one)

  1. Ooo, so much room for activities! Can't wait to follow along and watch the process. Some friends of mine are on the tail end of their kitchen remodel (which included washer/dryer...oh the tales from the laundry mat!). Their finished looks stunning and I'm sure yours will, too!

    1. Haha, Leah, My thoughts exactly "So much room for activities!".
      Lesley, congrats on the new house and more importantly, new kitchen. I dream of a dream kitchen, one day...
      The blue is so very Grecian! Love it

  2. Glenna Gonzales

    I love the vision you have for your new home. And hope all 3 of you survive the remodel! Good luck and God bless, and I'm here for you when you need me!

  3. Ooh, I can't wait to see what you do. We're hoping to do some renovations over the next year so perhaps I can get some ideas! Good Luck!

  4. SO BEHIND on my blog reading, and media in general, and I missed this! I have to say, the pictures you took make it ALMOST look like it doesn't need much, but we know better. I can't wait to see it all come together and you'll finally get that dream kitchen you deserve! Yay!

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