Summer Blogger ‘Grill-Off’

round logocookina logos familleThe folks at Colman’s Mustard and Cookina are hosting a Summer Blogger “Grill-Off” to introduce Cookina’s Reusable Grilling Sheet, which is a like a non-stick, reusable (and easy to clean) alternative to aluminum foil.

Last year, I participated in the Mystery Ingredient Blogger Showcase in which the secret ingredient was Colman's mustard. That contest was great and I was able to win enough Colman’s hot mustard to share with friends. Folks love some spicy mustard. And the barbecue sauce I developed for last year’s contest would be perfect to top anything you’d throw on the grill. Or you can just use the prepared Colman's mustard straight (from a handy new squeezy bottle), which is what I did when it was time to test the grilling sheet out.

What I really like about the Cookina sheet is that I can put it on the grill and I don’t have to worry that my not dogs are contaminated with any critter juice and they will still get a nice char and smoky flavor, despite the seeming barrier of the grilling sheet. And it was nothing to remove it from the grill and wipe it clean. Of course, most people would use it for fish, veggie kabobs, or grilled pizza, I'm sure.

photo(119)You can use the Cookina Reusable Grilling Sheet in the oven, too. Speaking of pizza, it’s perfect for use with your pizza stone since it will keep it clean and also in any way you would use a Silpat or parchment for baking. The grilling sheets are inexpensive, too. You can find them at Home Depot stores for about $15 each.

Right now, there's a #YesYouCanCookina contest going on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The grand prize is a trip for two to Las Vegas!


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  1. Hedy

    Will have to give it a try....could be a good way not lose stuff through the grill grates!

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