Cheddar and Pear Crescent Roll-Ups

I am not going to pretend this recipe isn’t a gigantic cheat. I’m also not going to pretend it isn’t absolutely delicious. Pillsbury’s Crescents rolls have been a guilty pleasure since my childhood. But I’m carb-conscious and try not to buy too many convenience foods that are primarily empty calories, so I hadn’t had any for years. But when my friend, Alexandra served a version of these Crescent Roll-Ups at a party a while back, I couldn’t resist. She used generous slices of cheese that melted out and crisped up on the baking sheet. We ate them fresh from the oven, but they were actually just as good warmed in the microwave…I know, because I took a lot of the leftovers home and had them for breakfast.

Anyway, the next time I got an invitation to a party, these Crescent Roll-Ups were the first things on my mind. Easy to make, but insanely delicious. When I bought the crescent rolls, I got a pleasant surprise, too: there’s only 100 calories in each roll. So, technically, you could make a meal off a can and not feel too bad about it. Okay, that’s a stretch. Half a can. As long as you eat it with a bunch of steamed vegetables. Though I recommend only eating two, both stuffed with cheese and fruit.

As always, the most important part is to use good cheese. I used the Cabot Seriously Sharp white cheddar for mine and rolled them up with D’anjou pear slices, though any of your favorite pear or apple slices would work well.  As you can see, these rolls won’t win any beauty contests, but you’ll be delighted with how they taste.

I'm sorry; I know it's ugly, but it's so good.
I'm sorry; I know it's ugly, but it's so good.

Cheddar and Pear Crescent Roll-Ups
yield: 8 Roll-Ups

1 8 ounce can Pillsbury Crescents rolls
1 pear
4 ounces block cheese

Pre-heat oven to 375F.

Slice the pear and the cheese into eight equal slices each and set aside. Open the rolls and separate the eight triangles. Place one slice of cheese and then one slice of pear on the widest end of the triangle and then wrap around the dough around the cheese and pear until the point is on top and place on the baking sheet at least two inches apart (and not too close to the edge). Repeat with the remaining triangles and bake 10-12 minutes or until nicely browned.

11 thoughts on “Cheddar and Pear Crescent Roll-Ups

  1. Glenna Gonzales

    Wow, these sound wonderful! I like cheese with pineapple, too. Wonder if fresh pineapple would have too much liquid to work in these.

    1. Post author

      The pineapple would be too messy and get these soggy, but I'd suggest roasting the pinapple separately from the cheese rollups and then pair them when you're ready to eat. Just put a crescent of roasted pineapple on top of the crescent roll!

    1. Post author

      Oddly enough, mine did not. Even though it looks similar to a burrito and a tortellini, two of the very few things she will eat. But most kids would like these, I'm sure!

  2. Alexandra

    Bahaha..I saw your tweet and immediately was like "ooh, I make a version of these with apple and cheddar" - lucky I read your post before tweeting. 🙂 I served them at a House of Cards watching party we've been having and my friends loved them. So much so they winged a version for a brunch they had last weekend and received rave reviews - their note, they used smoked cheddar and it went over fantastically. So glad you loved 'em!

  3. Crescent rolls have been my cheater ingredient for party foods for so many years. I'm a weirdo and don't like many pastry/carby things, but I do love Pillsbury Crescent Rolls! And this combo of fruit and cheese flavors is right up my alley. Definitely making soon!

  4. Oh I totally forgot about these! I have always loved Pillsbury crescent rolls. So many things you can do with them and I'm certainly not going to make my own. So glad you posted this recipe! That oozing out cheese makes me want about a dozen of these right now.

  5. alexandra

    Update : roasted red grapes with a heavy splash of balsamic and a wee bit of brown sugar (depending on how sweet your grapes are - or use white balsamic which is a bit more mild, I think, than the traditional). pair with a square of brie, roll up and bake. DIVINE.

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