Lemon Garlic Orzo Soup with Arugula and Goat Cheese Flatbread

I am suddenly a huge fan of soups with lemon in them. I got the base recipe from Petit Foodie, who remarked that it was great for summer, but it really works as a winter soup, too. It's not heavy, but it is comforting. I made a meal out of it by serving it with an arugula and goat cheese flatbread. Because I used a Stonefire flatbread instead of homemade, this whole meal took less than half an hour to make. And it was all delicious! And clean-up was easy as well. What's not to love about a quick, easy, and tasty meal?

lemon_garlic_orzo_soupOne quick note: this soup made about four big servings, so I had half of it leftover and I noticed that it actually tasted better after sitting in the fridge for a few days. The flavors mixed better and it had a deeper lemon flavor (probably from the release of all the oils from the zest).

Lemon Garlic Orzo Soup
adapted from Petit Foodie
serves 4-6

1 tablespoon olive oil
½ cup chopped onion
3 cloves garlic, minced
½ cup chopped or matchsticked carrot
6 cups vegetable broth
½ cup orzo
½ lemon, zest and juice
1 tablespoon dried basil
salt and freshly-ground pepper to taste

In a large pot, heat olive oil on medium low. Add onion and garlic and sauté until translucent (about 5 minutes or so). Add carrot and sauté for another 3-4 minutes. Add broth and raise heat to medium high until it starts to boil. Reduce heat to low and add orzo, lemon juice, zest, and basil. Cook until orzo is tender. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Arugula and Goat Cheese Flatbread
serves 2-4

1 Stonefire Italian Artisan Pizza Crust (Multigrain)
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon sea salt
2 ounces goat cheese
1-2 ounces fresh arugula

Pre-heat oven to 400F. Brush the flatbread with olive oil and sprinkle with salt (evenly). Bake the flatbread on a pizza stone (or directly on rack; see package directions) for 8-9 minutes. Remove the flatbread from the oven and sprinkle with crumbled goat cheese and a heavy layer of arugula. Return to oven for about 2 more minutes or until arugula has wilted slightly. Serve warm.

Sorry, no pictures of the flatbread. There were no leftovers. 😀

Note: it will look like too much arugula before it's cooked, but the leaves shrink as they wilt.

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