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I am woefully behind on product reviews, but before the weather turns cool, I have to tell you about Tofutti dairy-free frozen desserts.

I’ve had Tofutti products before; the Tofutti Cuties and the blintzes are both available at Trader Joe's. And they were good, but nothing I thought warranted trumpeting across the internet. Though, really, I don’t like dairy ice cream sandwiches all that much, so the Cuties were already at a disadvantage. They are better than dairy ice cream sandwiches, though. I think because of the texture of the filling. And the blintzes were good, but I only have blintzes from Veselka to compare, so, uh, again, Tofutti was at a bit of a disadvantage.

But then the folks at Tofutti sent me a box of some of their other products: a pint of Vanilla Almond Bark “ice cream,” a box of Yours Truly cones, their version of a Nutty Buddy, Cornetto, etc. and a box of Chocolate Covered Flowers pops.The arrival of this box of Tofutti goodness was one of the best days of the year, I tellyawhut.

tofuttiflowersFirst up, I tried the Chocolate Covered Flowers. I was dubious, but optimistic. The pop is made with a combination of nectars from rose, marigold, calendula, citrus blossom, hibiscus, jasmine, and lavender flowers mixed in with strawberry flavor for good measure. The combination is HEAVENLY. I mean, I had to sit down; that’s how good that first bite was. The chocolate shell is superb, but the filling is amazing. That flavor is utterly fantastic. Slightly floral, but all edible. Candy-ish without being overly sweet. I believe this now ranks in my top five of all frozen desserts. These pops are delicious. I didn't see Chocolate Covered Flowers among the selection at my local Publix, but I'm going to request them. Fingers crossed.

Next up, it was time to try the Yours Truly. I’ve never been a huge fan of cones for a variety of reasons, but after the experience with the Chocolate Covered Flowers, I was optimistic. I gave one to Mr. Eats and tried one myself. I didn’t tell him what it was; I just handed it to him. His reaction:

“Where’d you get this?”
“It was delivered.”
“What is it? Are there more?”
“It’s like a Tofutti Cornetto.”
“Wait, this isn’t ice cream?”

tofutticonesWe both agreed that the Yours Truly was the best of all cones we’d ever had. Again, the chocolate is superb. And the texture of the “ice cream” is wonderful. It doesn’t get melty in the same way as other cones’ ice cream; it wasn’t messy and it wasn’t too hard or too soft. Bonus: the entire inside of the cone is lined with chocolate and the cream fills the cone, so you don’t have any plain cone bites. Another advantage: the cone doesn’t drip through the end. This is a fantastic frozen dessert. The endorsement of frozen treats expert, Mr. Eats is not one that is given freely, so this is kind of a big deal.

Last up, a pint of Vanilla Almond Bark “frozen dessert” (or “ice cream,” as I will continue to call it). With very little hesitation, I will tell you that my favorite pint is Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra. But this Tofutti ice cream stands its ground well with a wonderful flavor and, more importantly, a wonderful texture. You could easily serve this to someone and they’d never know it was dairy-free. The cocoa butter and coconut oil do a mightly good job of replicating a custard texture from dairy and eggs. The only downside is that they also do a good job of supplying the same amount of fat and calories (though with less saturated fat). In short, if you find yourself moving away from dairy ice creams, you’ll be happy to know that your cravings will be satisfied with the Tofutti versions.

Now, having discovered how great their frozen desserts are, I’m really curious to try their other products. They also have sour cream, a variety of cheeses plus cream cheese. Has anyone tried their other products? If so, give me the scoop! (hurr hurr)

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  1. I have zero desire to try a non-dairy ice cream product, that is until I read your description and Mr. Eats reaction to the Yours Truly. Especially if the chocolate and cream go down to the cone. Super bonus points there!

  2. Tofutti sent me a couple boxes too!! And I'm also behind on reviewing (next week, I hope!). They sent the chocolate covered flowers and the crispy crunch bars. Both excellent! Also, I love those Yours Truly cones. Had them before and loved them. I really think Tofutti makes the best vegan ice cream. It gets a bad rap bc it used to have hydrogentated oils or something. But it's ice cream! It's not supposed to be healthy!

    Anyway, on spiralizers, I honestly don't remember what kind I have. It's a cheap plastic hand crank one, but it works great! Got it on Groupon for, like, $20!

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  4. Okay, so I am WAY behind on blog reading, but I am so glad I read this before I see my nephew next weekend! He is allergic to dairy, so I'm going to go buy some of these and take to him.

    I want some of those Flowers for myself too! I am all about floral flavors....

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