Decorating Sugar Cookies for Christmas

Since Mini Eats is almost three this Christmas, we thought this might be the year to start a tradition of decorating cookies. We were incorrect. We were ready, of course, but the little one wasn’t quite sold on the concept of putting decorations on cookies without eating either of them.

The real news here, though is that this recipe is fantastic. My mom has a good recipe, but her cookies have always been crisp and crumbly (as she likes them). But I like a soft cookie. Searching the internet or even my books didn’t seem like the right idea; for whatever reason, this detail is often omitted from descriptions. I need the cookie to be tasty and soft but also able to stand up to decorating. So I consulted Twitter, and–luckily for me–Lindsay of Love and Olive Oil responded with this sugar cookie recipe from Bake at 350. That’s really all the endorsement I needed. I made the dough, rolled it out and made these wonderful cookies. They’re perfect. They taste fantastic and are soft, but maintain their shape very well.

Normally, I would post the recipe, but I didn’t make any changes to it and I have nothing to add! I will say that this makes a lot of cookies. I’m not sure how many, exactly because I still have one-third? one-fourth? of the dough left in the freezer! Probably four or five dozen 3-4″ cookies. And I didn’t freeze my shapes and they turned out great. Click on over to her blog to get the recipe:


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5 Responses to Decorating Sugar Cookies for Christmas

  1. glenna gonzales says:

    Great pictures! I love the Santa cookies, and, of course, the ones of my beautiful granddaughter!

  2. amanda says:

    Our family sugar cookie decorating tradition revolves around Halloween – orange frosted sugar cookie pumpkins with candy faces. however, none of us ever wanted to actually eat them because the cookie recipe wasn’t great, so I look forward to trying this one.

    gorgeous cookies & Mini Eats!

  3. Jamie says:

    Did you use the frosting recipe she links to too? I’m dreading frosting.

  4. that mini eats is just so stinkin’ adorable! thanks for sharing such a fun family activity.

  5. nicole says:

    So cute! The cookies look good too.