Hey, Lesley, where ya been?

I've been here! Cooking, even! In fact, I have a nice backlog of blog posts now. Stuffed eggplant! Rosti baked eggs! Hoe cakes! More veggie burger reviews! A truly fantastic meal at Etch! But while doing a little research for some upcoming food events, my laptop got a nasty virus. It's been in the laptop hospital for over a week now, though it is expected to make a full recovery. Until I get it back (probably next week), I can't do any photo editing and such.

In the meantime, I've still been posting at Bites. You can click here to see a list of everything I've posted, including a handy little guide to some surprising foods that aren't vegetarian. Though I'm tempted to write "surprising people who don't know that Worcestershire sauce has anchovies in it" and include the name of the chef who commented on this Facebook post by Lacey (you may have to "view posts by others"; spoiler alert: it's not the chef at Burger Up), but I'll refrain. Ahem.

2 thoughts on “Hey, Lesley, where ya been?

  1. That Facebook post is insane. Why are people getting crabby about vegetarians asking if something is vegetarian and expecting the restaurant to be able to provide correct information?

    I had the Marathon Burger at the Cool Springs location a few months back and asked if it was vegetarian and was told that it was. No disclaimer about the ketchup. Does that mean that until just now, the chef/staff didn't realize that fish are not a vegetable?

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