The Great Food Truck Race in Nashville: Day 2 Wrap-up

The Great Food Truck Race was in Nashville again today for the second day of challenges. I hadn't really planned to do much (because of chasing them around yesterday), but I'd heard that there would be Italian French toast and arancini from Nonna's Kitchenette, so we headed out just before lunch to check them out. They'd told me last night that they were planning to be near Centennial Park and this morning got word that they'd be on 27th.

Nonna's after setting up on 27th by the Springwater. Not sure this was the best location since it was not near any of the park crowds.

When we got there, the truck was not set up and it was clear something was wrong. I won't divulge any more show spoilers, but there was a mishap, so they had a delay in getting set up. So we hung around in the park for about 30 minutes until they were ready. Turns out there was no French toast and the arancini was not vegetarian. And they were serving the meatball sliders again. Sorry, ladies, I tried to support you, but I was hungry, so we went home.

While Mini Eats and I were having lunch, I finally got some info on the Pop A Waffle truck--they were in 12 South near Burger Up. Mr. Eats was very interested in having chicken and waffles, so we loaded up and headed over. Tabitha and a couple of other friends met us over there, too. We got one of everything on the menu: one chicken waffle, a strawberry and cream waffle, an order of fried pickles, and a pomegranate lemonade. Everything was great. And we had a lot of fun hanging out. I was on camera for a bit, but I doubt (please, God, no) that I'll make it onto the show. I am terrible on camera! But Mini Eats might make it on.

Finally found the Pop A Waffle truck!
My friend, Alison gnawing on a chicken bone. Her description of the chicken: "Legit."

Today, the teams had "speed bumps." I think each one had a different issue to deal with, too. Two of the guys from Pop A Waffle had to come off the truck and be replaced by students from the Art Institute's culinary program. And they were not allowed to communicate with the chef and students in the truck. So they just hung around and tried to make the best of it. I heard that the guys cooking for Seoul Sausage couldn't talk to anyone, but I'm not sure (update: turns out they also had culinary students). And I think that Nonna's Kitchenette's speed bump had something to do with the operation of their truck, but again, I'm not sure (update: I didn't see any culinary students, but I must have been too early). We'll just have to watch the show!

The Pop A Waffle guys--the producers only allowed the two outside the truck to get near it for the picture. Thanks, guys! ps--sorry I cut off your thumb, Scott.
Since these guys weren't allowed on the truck, they passed the time playing "airplane" with Mini Eats.

I heard that Seoul Sausage was making a pork-less version of their flaming kimchi balls (which seems to be the most-liked food item of the weekend), but we just couldn't make it back across the river into East Nashville again this weekend. They're the only guys set up on that side, so I bet they've been popular.

Mama's Grizzly Grub is the only one of the four trucks here that I never got the chance to check out. They showed up on 12 South an hour or so after we left for the day. But I heard a number of good things about their tacos (Susitna Street Tacos -- with buffalo chipotle chicken and a cranberry lemon slaw).

All four trucks were suffering from low volume today. Restrictions on filming prevented them from being in parks and downtown where live music was being performed (so they did not get to benefit from any of the tourist traffic).

The competition is still going now and will continue this evening. Last I checked, the trucks were at the following locations:
--Nonna's Italian Kitchenette: on Blakemore outside of Fannie Mae Dees (Dragon) Park, then at Winner's and Loser's in Midtown.
--Pop A Waffle: on 12 South at Dallas
--Mama's Grizzly Grub: on 12 South at Paris
--Seoul Sausage: Holly & 11th in East Nashville until the Grassy Knoll Movie Night starts later on 11th St. (or somewhere around Five Points).

The third season starts on August 19th at 9pm on The Food Network!

7 thoughts on “The Great Food Truck Race in Nashville: Day 2 Wrap-up

  1. Greg

    Speed bump was the same for Nonna's (culinary students in the truck). Producers weren't letting the 2 outside the truck talk to anyone either. I'm curious why that was the case with them and Seoul Kitchen but not Pop A Waffle. Have to say the Pop A Waffle guys seemed to be handling the speed bump better than the Nonna's Kitchenette girls.

    1. Post author

      Oh! That's interesting. I guess the producers with Pop A Waffle interpreted the rules a little differently. Which was good for us--these guys were great. We had a lot of fun talking to them!

      And yeah, I think Anthony at Pop A Waffle was handling things well, but it's a pretty solid concept and hard to mess up. I think; I've never fried chicken in my life!

  2. LH

    Went by Dragon Park around 4:30...ate at Nonna's around 5:30ish. I was excited for Italian food, but it wasn't very Italian (rice balls and marinara sauce? waffles and ice cream?). I was interviewed by one of the producers, who, while interviewing me, was trying to keep the other 2 Nonnas girls away from the truck. I headed over to 12 S to check out the waffle truck and Momma's GG. I think the producers over there were much more lenient--I talked to one of the women from Momma's for a while, and the waffle guys were pretty chatty, too. They explained the rules to us, and I guess everyone was following them...some just a bit stricter than others. Still there wasn't too much of a crowd at any location, which is weird--especially for those at Dragon Park. I'm interested to watch the show to see what all happens! I heard the girls from Nonnas may be the villians of the season...

  3. Even though I had a great time eating my way through Cleveland and Pittsburgh with good friends for 8 days, ALL the food truck fun was going down in Nashville! As I returned to Nashville, all the trucks were making there way to Cleveland! Humph.

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