Freezing fresh tomatoes

Yes, I know, Tomato Week is over. But what if you've still got tomatoes? A lot of tomatoes? Or you are already lamenting the late fall and winter and even the spring because you will no longer have great fresh tomatoes?

One way to keep your spirits up (and your belly full of ripe, seasonal tomatoes) is to preserve them. Many people can them, but (personally), I am not a talented canner. The boiling and the blanching and the sealing...not for me. But you can still easily preserve fresh tomatoes by freezing them. And you don't even have to remove the skins first.

Freeze fresh tomatoes
Wash and dry the tomatoes and remove the stem scar and any rotten segments. Place the tomatoes on cookie sheets or in pans to set in the freezer. Once frozen, drop into freezer bags or airtight containers and store in the freezer. When you're ready to use one (or more), run the tomato under warm water and the skin will slip right off.

How long will frozen tomatoes keep? It's probably best to use the tomatoes within six months of freezing if stored in your standard kitchen freezer. They'll keep longer in a deep freezer, however.

What do you do with frozen tomatoes? Well, here are a few ideas. But I will likely just use them for sauce. It'll be nice to make my own sauce from (someone else's) homegrown tomatoes.

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