Fresh Tomato Tart

tomatoweekIt's getting to be a challenge to post something new and different to do with tomatoes. Though Saveur has an excellent gallery of fresh tomato dishes (thanks to Linda for sharing the link) that includes some new and different recipes.

But I was thinking about tomato pie. I'd heard about tomato pie a couple of years ago on NPR and hadn't really looked into it. And I thought about it again the other day. However, Google returned a massive list of links to a Paula Deen recipe. I do not like Paula Deen and I do not like her recipes. I like mayonnaise okay, but an entire cup mixed with cheese and then baked? Disgusting. And a storebought pie crust? No. Just no.

I may re-visit tomato pie in the future and create my own take, but as it happens, a follower of Ezra Pound Cake on Twitter baked her wonderful Fresh Tomato Tart with a Basil-Garlic Crust and posted it. Tomatoes? Check. Cheese? Check. Homemade crust? Check. No mayo? Check. Perfect! I even had all the ingredients on hand!

But, I had one small problem: no ten inch tart pan. So I subbed a nine inch pie glass pie plate. So...well, let me tell you the good part. This crust is amazing. Use it for quiche, use it for savory pie, cook it and eat it alone. It's that good. And it goes perfectly with the cheese and tomatoes making it like the best deep dish pizza you've ever had (and I don't even particularly like deep dish pizza).

tomato tart

But I didn't really get the crust rolled out evenly. And it was pretty thick in places because of using a smaller pan. So the crust was a tad soggy. That could also be because I used very fresh mozzarella (from Lazzaroli), which may have had a higher moisture content than the grocery store mozzarella. And I may not have gotten my tomatoes drained really well, either. I may have even used too much basil in the crust mix. But even with a less-than-crisp crust in the center, this dish was really good. The only thing I changed from the original recipe was that I added some pepper to the crust mix (oh, and uh, I didn't measure the basil).

Anyway, I highly recommend this tart. More than anything, I recommend this crust! The recipe for both can be found in the Ezra Pound Cake archives. She has a more appetizing photo as well.

7 thoughts on “Fresh Tomato Tart

    1. Post author

      I am! They're nice and red. And I'm going to preserve some, too because a friend just shared a great chunky tomato soup recipe that I'll post later in Tomato Week.

      1. glenna gonzales

        I have put some in the freezer. I read up and you don't have to core them, just wash and put the in a freezer bag. Then suck the air out of the bag with a straw.

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