Tomato Week!

In reading through my Twitter feed last week, I saw a few recurring themes. Two of those: Shark Week (lots of my fans among my friends) and tomatoes (even more fans among my friends). And since this coming Saturday, August 13th is the big Tomato Art Festival here in Nashville, I decided to do TOMATO WEEK!

It's slightly funnier if you know that Mr. Eats hates raw tomatoes. Anyway, here it comes.tomatoweek

The wonderful Tabitha of Life a la Mode and Her Nashville came up with this nifty logo for me to use. Every day, I'll post a tomato-inspired dish to help y'all use up all those wonderful fresh tomatoes you've got.

6 thoughts on “Tomato Week!

  1. seeing as tomatoes are my favorite veggie (or is it a fruit? either way...), i am excited about both tomato art fest + your tomato week! i also have some tomatoey posts up my sleeve for this week. =) what a fabulous job tabitha did on the logo - i love it!

  2. saraclark

    Mr. Eats and I will have to trade out since I don't care for cooked tomatoes and he doesn't care for raw. How does he feel about carrots?

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