Now open AM@FM – Arnold Myint at the Farmers Market

For the long holiday weekend, Mr. Eats and I decided to give ourselves a treat and go out to lunch. Arnold Myint just opened his new place at the Nashville Farmers Market and I’d heard good things from opening day from Tabitha and Kelly, so we headed over for an early meal.

I’d looked for a menu and couldn’t find one—turns out, AM@FM is selling prepared foods for grab-n-go in the kitchen at ChaChah, so it doesn’t have its own menu per se. But the offerings consist of premade sandwiches, salads and sides.  And there are a number of vegetarian options. They'll change seasonally, but there will always be several vegetarian and likely at least one vegan option on the menu.

Arnold and Zarna were in the shop and he very kindly let us sample some of the salads—a light and refreshing cucumber salad, a rosemary macaroni salad and a Moroccan-style couscous salad with golden raisins. We were fans of all three, though I think Baby Eats liked the macaroni salad the best.

There’s an elegant bar area set up along the side of the space with a few chairs for people who can stay, but we (as in, Baby Eats) needed to go, so we picked out a few things to take with us. I couldn’t resist the foccaccia with cippolinis (or the dill shallot pistole) and Mr. Eats got a ham sandwich that included apples and Kenny’s Farmhouse cheddar and a side of housemade brown mustard (with apricot—I think; I gobbled it up so fast, I didn’t stop to think about it). We also got some marinated cippolinis (I love them, but they’re a pain in ask to prepare at home) and some housemade chips with truffle salt. And our bill was less than $14!

Additionally, there is an assortment of packaged items for sale from the ChaChah kitchen such as smoked salts and soon (I hope) that delicious brown mustard. There are plans in the works to serve wine as well.

AM@FM is located in the Market House toward the back, across the food court from Fleur de Lis Flavors. And I believe the hours are 11am-3pm seven days a week.

17 thoughts on “Now open AM@FM – Arnold Myint at the Farmers Market

  1. Great pics Lesley! I actually got the couscous, ham sandwich, and the foccaccia when I was there on Saturday. All delicious!

    1. Post author

      Thanks! I wanted to take a pic of the entire space, but there was just too much going on.

      Chris LOVED his ham sandwich. And the price is hard to beat.

    1. Post author

      You should! Really, it's great for you guys over there that the lunch options are getting better every day. Plus, with the take-out salads (really, side dishes), you've got a good resource for lazy dinners. 🙂

    1. Post author

      Oh wow, I hadn't thought of that, but YES. And for a good picnic. Everything's packaged and ready to go.

  2. Leslie

    We had the same ham sandwich today as well as the smoked turkey with heirloom tomatoes. The aoli that came with the turkey sandwich was so good I'd buy a gallon of it! And the goat cheese/artichoke spread (or whatever you're supposed to do with it) it is going to result in another pound or two on my thighs! All of that for $16!!

  3. Mr Eats

    Wow that sandwich was good. The apricot mustard made it perfect.
    Great pickup & go food!

  4. nicole

    Looks really tasty. I've alerted the veghubby as he goes to the market often for lunch.

  5. Finally made it up there today and had the wedge salad special...exceptional! Wine service is up and running now too as I saw several diners enjoying a glass.

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