Miss Martha’s Ice Cream Crankin’ this Sunday

ice cream crankin'This Sunday is Miss Martha's Ice Cream Crankin' at First Presbyterian Church at 4815 Franklin Road--probably my favorite food event of the year. I love it so much that we are actually planning to forgo nap time for Baby Eats to attend. This is a big deal. But it's a wonderful event benefitting a wonderful organization, so there's just no way we're going to miss it. We had a great time last year (and I was inspired to make several new flavors of ice cream myself, including this big winner, Villa Cherries Gelato).

A few tips if you go:

  1. Be sure to look for the remote parking across the street. There are shuttle buses to take you to the event so you don't have to brave the Franklin Road traffic.
  2. If you've got little ones or are heat-sensitive, take a small insulated lunchbox with a cold pack in it and/or a frozen bottle of water (or two or three). It's going to be hot again this year and after a while, you get your fill of ice cream and only water will do. Cold water.
  3. Scout out the good flavors before you commit. Don't stand in line for a so-so flavor and waste valuable real estate in your stomach that you'll want back when you see that lavender honey or dulce de leche brownie chunk flavor. The good ones go fast.
  4. Write down your favorites and talk to the creators if you can. They might give you a few tips.

See you there!

3 thoughts on “Miss Martha’s Ice Cream Crankin’ this Sunday

  1. Linda

    Good tips! Also, as with most festivals, if you have to carry a bag, it's best to have one that will leave you hands-free. You will need one hand to hold the ice cream cup and a second for your spoon. Grab that back pack!

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