Wonder bread

There are a number of things from the kitchen of my childhood that I just cannot stand now that I'm an adult. Miracle Whip. Margarine. Wonder bread.

My mom loves Wonder bread. I tolerated it as a child but begged for wheat bread. It was a special treat when she'd by Roman Meal wheat bread. I loved the heels the most. I still do, though I've upgraded to whole grain and seeded breads. In fact, I blame Wonder bread for hating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I absolutely cannot tolerate the feeling of a sandwich bit stuck to the roof of my mouth. However, I refuse to try PB&J again (because I also don't like peanut butter with sweet tastes).

But now I have my own child. Early on, she showed a distaste for wheat breads. I'm certain it was the texture. So I tried Wonder bread. She loves it. And though Mr. Eats and I don't eat it, we love it, too. Why? No crumbs. And given how much food ends up on the floor, that counts for a lot. The tiny pieces of sandwich she eats with Wonder bread stays together even when thrown off the side of a highchair. I'm sure that the chemistry responsible for this amazing feat isn't something I'd love, but I do love a crumb-free floor.

Now, if only I could find prunes that were not sticky.

7 thoughts on “Wonder bread

  1. Linda

    Roman Meal wheat bread takes me back to my grandma's kitchen. There was always a loaf in that orange plastic bag on the counter...

  2. viveksurti

    Not gonna lie. I never eat wonderbread, but I gobble it up when I go to Prince's. Even my vegetarian sister eats that bread.

  3. Beth

    No Wonder Bread here either. If I'm going to eat bread (which I don't much) I like it really grainy and full of little seeds & such.

    Have you ever tried toasting a really grainy bread, smearing some peanut butter on it while still warm so it melts, and then adding a touch of homemade jam or preserves? I do love that as a treat sometimes and it's not too too sweet.....

  4. Lannae

    Little Eats likes Wonderbread! I am glad you will buy it for her, and makes your life easier.

    Yeah, when I was a kid, I hated Wonderbread, hated PB&J on it, any sandwich made with it, soggy tuna sandwiches, and even hated "wheat" bread. As I have grown up, because of Wonder and other industrial bread, I never got a addicted to bread like some of my friends. They will eat any form of white flour, even bad rolls, stale bread, hard day old bagels, crumbly dry biscuits etc even though the food is terrible because they are addicted to white flour carbs. Thank goodness for me, I hate it. Now, to work on the deep fried foods, chips and fries addiction I have...

  5. Stephanie

    You do know that you're the only kid in America who begged her mom to buy wheat bread as a kid, right? πŸ™‚ And I can't believe you've given up your Country Crock.

  6. sallaboutme

    ha! I bet your mom loves that!

    Ugh, I never liked any kind of white bread growing up, and now the closest thing I can tolerate is a good sourdough or crusty french bread.

  7. thelifealamode

    Growing up there was this brand of bread called Gardenia bread which was white. Gardenia's slogan was "So Good You Can Even Eat It On Its Own" because it was soft, fluffy and slightly sweet and I loved it. Ate it on its own a lot.

    Then wheat bread was the thing so Gardenia made "White Wheat" bread so its sales wouldn't go down, and this bread supposedly still has all the nutrients of wheat without the dryness/yuckness. We bought into it because no one enjoyed wheat bread at all. But I think those days of believing a marketing campaign are over and now we're all sucking it up and eating wheat bread as it comes.

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