Sweet Relief

The Great Flood is still a topic of conversation for most people. It's become its own measure of time When did we see them last? Well, it was before the flood. And any time you see someone you haven't seen since well, before the flood, you ask how they fared.

Most people I know are fortunate and sustained little or no damage, but there are still a lot of people who need help and will need help for a long time. So more fun fundraisers!

Lindsay over at Love and Olive Oil sent out a tweet  about interest in a bake sale. A bunch of us signed on right away. She worked hard putting it together--got us this sweet poster and even a place to hold the sale! So won't you come out and buy some sweets this Saturday to help out the Second Harvest Food Bank? Some of Nashville's best amateur bakers will be there! I've decided my entry will be vegan, too. Scones! Check out the Sweet Relief post at Love and Olive Oil for more details.

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