Crispy Baked Tofu

I finally got around to trying my own version of tofu nuggets with nutritional yeast. I'd been meaning to do so for a while considering that at $7.99 per pound, I will quickly go broke buying them off the hot bar at Whole Foods (nevermind the weight I'd gain since they're fried).

I remembered having some baked tofu strips that were really good at a vegetarian potluck last year and google pointed me in the direction of this recipe for crispy baked tofu.

But you know me; I can't just follow a recipe. And again, that was a mistake. I won't say that my tofu strips weren't good; they just weren't great. Here's where I think I went wrong:

1. I didn't have bread crumbs, so I mixed extra nooch with some flour for the breading. Probably should have used corn meal.

2. I used a thawed out frozen block of tofu. Freezing changes the texture of the tofu and I also think I may have pressed it out too much.

The result was a decent tasting batter, but some fairly dry strips. I think if I'd used tofu that hadn't been freezed (and overly pressed) that it would have been moister. Oh, and I may have cooked it on 400 degrees. Um.

Anyhoo, point is that the batter tasted good even though it wasn't crispy. Cornmeal or breadcrumbs could remedy that. I like-a da nooch. Now, I just have to figure out how to make cheez out of it. I think I ought to follow a recipe for that...

3 thoughts on “Crispy Baked Tofu

  1. fluffernutter

    I had a crispy tofu finger recipe a few years ago -- I make it about every other year. Seems like it is dusted with cornstarch. Very intrigued by the nutritional yeast -- I've eaten a lot of it but not really cooked with it. Maybe we should make a project of it...

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