‘Roo food

I’m still recovering from Bonnaroo. It’s fun, but for an old goat like me, it’s a lot of work to be out in the sun and mostly on your feet for 8-12 hours a day for three days straight. I’m lucky I have a desk job.

So, the food. Sure, there was some good music there, too but other, better writers have written reviews, so I’ll tell you about the food.

First, arepas. Not only were these guys back this year (Toby’s Arepas from South Florida, I think), but they had multiple stands. Good call, y’all. I didn’t have to stand in line for 20 minutes to get my fill. So I had five of them over the course of three days. Yes, five. Usually the first thing I ate…and the last thing I ate. Soooo good.

I did branch out and eat other things, though. A lot of other things. It seemed to me that there were actually more food choices this year than the last two years, so I didn’t even have to eat one slice of pizza or eat one single burrito.

One vendor was selling sweet potato fries (battered, so they were different from what I’m used to getting from Bobbie’s Dairy Dip) and samosas, so after my first arepa, I settled in for a pile of fries and an apple samosa (while listening to Fiery Furnaces). Later in the evening, we had a vegetable samosa and a tofu samosa. All were delicious. The samosas were more like turnovers stuffed with filling and were served with a slightly spicy salsa-like sauce. I loved them, but “deep fried” is one of my favorite phrases and not something too often associated with vegetarian food.

On day two, I sent the Significant Omnivore off for snacks to eat while waiting on Ben Folds to perform. He came back with (very expensive) Ben & Jerry’s treats. I think we could have bought three pints for what he paid, but that’s the price of convenience. And they were good, but a bit overpackaged, I think. Anyhoo, dinner time rolled around and we headed back in the direction of the samosas, but rounded the corner (past the vendor selling all sorts of sea-bound critters) over to the quesadilla place. I ordered a (vegan) Sesame Gingerdilla, which was red cabbage, carrots and a few other taut veggies stir-fried with sesame oil and ginger and shoved in a tortilla. The SO opted for the Feta Metadilla, which was feta cheese, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, sauteed onions, and olives in a spinach tortilla. Both were delicious and really hit the spot. I didn’t think I really liked red cabbage, but it worked well with the sesame and ginger and the crunch in the “quesadilla” was a nice change of pace. I can make these at home!

We thought we’d be out of luck for a late night sweet snack before settling in to see Pearl Jam because the crowd was so thick , we were forced to the back, but we stumbled upon a stand that I could smell before I could see: candied roasted pecans and walnuts. Perfect.

By the third day (and after three arepas in two days), you’d think I would’ve had my fill, but I started off with yet another arepa. Really, they are that good. It was just my snack until we could decide on lunch. It was a hot day, so we yet again wandered over to that wonderful oasis of veg-friendly foods and went to the wrap place this time. I got a (vegan again–yay!) wrap with hummus, tomatoes (because I’m brave), lettuce, and cucumbers, while the SO opted for the portobello wrap. It was a little heavy on the sauteed onions and a little too warm considering the weather, but he enjoyed it. It had a great savory flavor. We ate our wraps while listening to Robert Randolph wrap up and sitting in a prime patch of shade under one of the handful of trees.

While sitting under the tree looking toward the stage where Solomon Burke was about to play, I spied the crepe vendor. I’d managed to resist the crepes for two days, but not on Sunday. So I headed over and got myself a fruit crepe (strawberries, blueberries and bananas with a little chocolate; hold the pineapple and whipped cream). The crepes were pre-made and laid out on a round griddle to be heated and the toppings were placed on top. They were pretty generous with the toppings, but at $8, the crepe was the most expensive food item we got and well, wasn’t really quite worth it. But I had to do it. Going to Bonnaroo is like going on vacation; you just gotta indulge.

Which is why I had one last arepa on my way over from Robert Plant and Allison Krauss to Death Cab for Cutie that evening.

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8 Responses to ‘Roo food

  1. Diana says:

    All looks great! I need me some battered sweet potato fries.

  2. michelle @ TNS says:

    i can never bring myself to go to bonaroo, it’s too much for me now that i’m an old fogey in my 30s. there used to be a much smaller festival in the massachusetts called berkfest that i LOVED, though.

    although seeing those arepas, i’m starting to have second thoughts.

  3. Almost Vegetarian says:

    It is so warm here, I am thinking I don’t want to fuss for lunch and I do want something light and sweet. Something with fresh fruit, say.

    Then I saw that lovely crepe and I’m thinking that and a tall, cool glass of ice tea so cold the glass sweats so much it is almost dangerous to hold.

    I’ve got to dust off my crepe pan and let the crepe batter sit for a bit before I can use it, so I’m going to go mix up a batch right now.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. cook eat FRET says:

    loved reading this. i don’t think i could handle bonaroo – i am in awe that you go…

  5. Taylor says:

    Yeah, I’ve never even weathered a one day festival, so go on with your bad self doing the full three days. I think you went for the arepas, though. ;)

  6. Natalie says:

    Mmmmm, arepas. I totally just emailed my Venezualan friend to get a recipe.

  7. fluffernutter says:

    Every time I read someone’s coverage of Bonnaroo and all the bands tht I love and missed, it just makes me ill. All those great bands, all in one place. When Sweet Cheeks is 12, I think I’ll take her for a day. For research purposes, of course.

  8. Miss E says:

    I was just thinking about the sesame gingerdilla and decided that I had to figure out how to replicate it. It appears that you're the only person on the internet who has mentioned it by its full name! If there's one thing I really do miss about Bonnaroo, it's the food.