Day 3 Las Vegas–Addendum

I forgot to mention this poor little guy. As we were walking along the Strip, headed back toward the south end, I saw him laying in the street. It was right between Bellagio and Caesar's Palace.

Along with excellent gelato, the Bellagio has several little shops that serve a variety of sweet treats. One of them sells something like twenty different kinds of candy/caramel apples. They ain't cheap. But they are good. I figure that some hapless tourist bought their apple and mistakenly thought it would be a good idea to snack on it while walking along the strip. In this area of the strip, there are a lot of tourists and many of them are looking upward toward the sky, not directly in front of them where they are walking. Said tourist got in about two or three bites before he/she apparently bumped into another tourist thereby sending the expensive, delicious apple straight toward the street. I call this photo "despair" because I can only imagine the response this accident elicited from the snacker.

If it were me, though, I would have picked that sucker back up and eaten the part that hadn't hit the street. It's just a shame when folks be throwin' away a perfectly good caramel apple.

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